Hogle’s Last Journey

One afternoon the student entered the study room of his most adored teacher Master Jefferson. He was fond of this teacher for two reasons one was
Their shared affinity for the wild life that frequented the canteen. He would observe quietly so as not to be noticed, “What wonderful specimens don’t you agree, havlock”

Havlock was the name of said student. Tall yet understated he beckoned his teacher on like a bad apprentice and the two of them were little better behaved than any
high school chums.

But it was to end their friendship and their shared learning under strange circumstance. Both had acquired a strong interest together in the occult and until recently had merely exchanged essays on manuscripts held in the vault beneath the university museum. Did they exist what was the power and could it be used for good or was it only intended to control others.

Often Havlock would offer Jefferson his own take on the question of good and evil and free will and more often or not it would fall on deaf ears.

Jefferson and to some degree Havlock both wanted to have a taste of the power alluded to in these works – these sacred relics that pointed to the one piece of God’s machinery that remained undiscovered.

It is told that an underground chamber exists somewhere deep within the amazon basin frequented by those referred to as the deities of the time.
It was said that an ancient order was created by the Spanish conquistadores on its discovery. And charged with its protection this sacred order
shared its knowledge and power with our modern day secret orders. Only by penetrating the veil of time and space the master and apprentice may
commune with those of a long time past – those of the hidden Inca conquistadores themselves.

And ascertain the true location of the artefact which although having imparted some of its power through time and record the secret of its location was kept.

The flight touched down in Bogotá. The airport a dusty brown colour seemed to remind Havlock of the 80′s and he almost expected to see tight trousers and flare’s
still being worn.

“I like it here .. freedom”, Havlock had his arm around a girl from the street. A nice girl with an education it seemed. His need’s having been met he walked into the living room to light
a cigarette.

“When is your friend due to arrive?”

“Oh he’ll be here shortly, did you do as I asked, is everything prepared”

“Of course. You will leave Bogota in 2 days and begin a journey by car directly to the port of San Huez. Here you can take a boat down to the port of Guayaquil. It is there that you will find the doctor you seek.
Good luck my darling. Here are your tickets and directions.”

“I would have said it was safer to travel by air with geurilla activity along the roads towards the coast. But that was your choice”

The manuscripts clearly stated that the journey must be taken by sea. The last few entries torn from the pages of Darwin’s famous works.
What evolution meant and where he was heading and what he really found was more than a mere natural phenomenon.

Charles Darwin a member of a order that knew of the artefact and had indented to find it by exploring the routes taken by early explorers who used the coast and
It’s many islands to send messages to their Gods.

The ocean was more significant than any temple as its very substance was capable of establishing communication over great distance in space due to the nature of
sea water behaving like an amplifier of some kind.

Various experiments illustrated by Darwin were performed by him and his fellow humanists a substitute for the holy water was a kind of underground aqueous chamber
constructed beneath many of the later day churches used by the order to worship an interstellar traveller thought to communicate with those immersed in the chamber
via a lightning rod of sorts. The details were vague and most of the chambers had since been filled in. Havlock decided he was better to find the source of the orders
wisdom and follow the Beagles route taking him via the Galapagos and then inland to Equador and the Amazon basin. Along the way he and Jefferson would seek out the sacred orders symbols engraved amongst the tombs of the holy and it seems the not so holy.

Yes in fact it was true that one of the revelations of the famous voyage of the beagle was the way that bacteria and pestilence evolved. The many experiments performed on board the Beagles sister ship caused the crew to become crazed and to leap to their deaths whilst exploring an island then populated by a race of hybridized human and alien’s born from an intermating of the so called deitys with their worshippers. All that is known that a war took place years before the mayans and the Incas rose to power and these Halflings were sent away from the mainland. Forced to live away from their natural habitat the Amazonia. They became aquatically evolved.

The mermaid myth wasn’t a myth it was in fact recorded fact. However it’s fantastical and yet unconfirmed reports didn’t make the pages of any written journals’ because to have claimed such a thing would have been academic suicide.

Yet the voyage of Beagles sister Ship the Hogle encountered more besides before being wrecked on the shores of an island teaming with life that wasn’t entirely of this world.

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